Monday, November 7, 2011

Candle In the Microwave

It just doesn't have the same ring as "Candle in the Wind" does it? Well, either way, here we are... I'm going to warn you in advance that I don't have a picture of the finished product. Because I left it at my in-laws. Because I am special... We'll see them again at Thanksgiving, so I'll update with a picture and a new addition to my expanding repertoire of awesomeness.

I've had a growing fondness for the tea-lights that I've seen around Pinterest, so I dove right in and decided to try my hand. Without reading the directions, of course... 

Down to business! You will need... 

An awesome something to hold your candle-- I picked this one out for my aunt!

A big bunch of microwaveable wax, dye bricks, and scent if you like-- plus wicks so you can, you know, burn your candle..

First, you'll fill the wax up to the desired level 

I went with about halfway up the seashell to start, but...

After a suggested 60 seconds in the microwave (the container IS microwave safe!), it was still chunky...
And had melted down juuust a tad. 

So I threw in another handful of wax, plus this palm full of dye (which I didn't think would work, but it did!) and kept on microwaving until I got this:

But then I noticed the wick was kind of floating off to the side... I know people have some super fancy ways of stabilizing and centralizing wicks, but as we all know I make a habit of being unprepared for these things, I feel it keeps me sharp. Anyways, I MacGuyvered this little contraption together:

Why yes, my dental floss DOES make the difference!

Until Thanksgiving you'll have to take my word that it turned out alright, just a little bit shorter than I'd hoped. The small amount of dye shavings made me skeptical like woah but it turned out nice and white! I'll probably add a little more wax to see if I can get the level up and then gift it to my Beachy Keen Aunt!

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