Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Pinterest A Week Makes me Kind of a Geek

If you asked me what my most favorite thing on the internet was two weeks ago, I would have gone between Jenny Lawson at The Bloggess and Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff-- those women are AWESOME! Jenny is just flat out funny and Karen... man, if I had half of Karen's get-up-and-go I could no longer quote Aerosmith.

So where do I find my middle ground? Where do I find my space on the internet? I tried being snobby and private-collegey and that just didn't work; I have friends who are snobbier than I am so I just looked stupid all over again! I have my own business, Agape Events, but I felt like some of my posts over there were a little too much for an events blog-- I get so carried away when I find something that inspires me I can't contain myself and self editing has ALWAYS been a thing for me...

Along comes Pinterest. Oh, Pinterest, my love for thee is unending! Every time I thought about a website I wish I could have designed, it's Pinterest. I come across so many things and bookmarking just doesn't do it for me-- I'm way more visual than "Pearl Necklace Tutorial" and I forget about it, which I DON'T want to do!

Pinterest has changed this, and I'm hoping I don't jinx myself by making this blog, but my goal isn't a Pinterest a Day, but at least a Pinterest a week-- A Pinterest a Week just doesn't sound very cute and I couldn't think of a sweet little rhyme. Meek? Beak? Leak? Deke? Geek? Oh, wait... A Pinterest a Week Makes me Kind of a Geek? 

Oh, well, the name is here so let's get some real posts up!

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