Friday, September 30, 2011

Snap, CRACKLE, Pop

OK, let's be fair, really I just wanted to use the Rice Krispy slogan because nothing about this paint job reminds me of breakfast cereal and I didn't snap OR pop when I was done.

One of the great things about Pinterest, as you'll find out with this short post and the next (much more involved) post is that I feel a little more confident to try things I haven't tried before. I've never thought of myself as a "smokey eyes" gal or a "nail art" gal and when I saw a staff member with the crackle/shatter top coat last year I was blown away-- it looked SO COOL! But, Sam was a much more chic person-- she's several years younger (literally only several, though, I kind of sequester myself to old-ladydom since I'm married and run a child care center) and way more fashion forward than myself so I didn't think about it until I saw it on Pinterest again.

Then I saw this one:


And thought, "You know what, I run a child care center and it would be AWESOME to do this for Halloween!"

So, to start things out, I thought I'd go sorority-tastic and do a red and white combo since I thought it would be the least loud combination I could come up with to start myself out. I happen to think it turned out alright!

Of course, for the next week I was craving peppermint bark, but my cool points went up infinitely with the 2-5th grade girls!

Products Used: Sally Hansen Snow Blast Crackle Overcoat, Sinful Colors Professional in Ruby Ruby
Time: Minimal-- an hour or two, which is long for nails but not for nail ART! (ha) I do suggest letting the bottom coat dry for a while if it's significantly darker. I noticed a little red coming off on my white, so I waited an hour and didn't have that problem.
Cost: About a $10 up front investment since I got them both on sale, but I'll definitely use both colors again, probably at Christmas :)

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