Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dinosaur Eggs


I wanted to do these red and white nails sooooo bad but no such luck-- instead, I went for dino eggs! OK, so I know that dino eggs don't look anything like they did on the TV show Dinosaurs (yeeeeaaah 90's throwback whaaat!) but these nails remind me of dino eggs!!

The wraps base that I put on was a little wrinkly, so instead of doing the matte coat I decided to make it polka-dotty!

I'd wanted to do smaller polka dots, but since I didn't have a fine paint brush, I went with a q-tip 

Not too shabby!

The first dab will be light on paint in the middle, so just dab some more on after a second

Of course, it will take a few tries to get it looking right...

The finished product! Only one hand this time, a table managed to break half the nails off the other...

I've heard from a lot of reviewers that the matte coat will really show the flaws in your brush strokes, so since the base coat made mine majorly flawed I decided to do something fun! It is pretty funky and makes me smile, so I'll definitely do this again!

Products Used: Sally Hansen InstaDry Mint Sprint and Sephora coffee in NY
Time: About a half hour, all told. The Sephora paint went on a little thin so I had to do multiple layers. The InstaDry polish was PERFECT for this project with the dots!
Cost: I already had the InstaDry from the last project, and the Sephora teensy bottle was $1 on clearance, plus a q-tip which was probably worth about a penny and I had them laying around. Definitely a low-cost project!

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