Tuesday, October 18, 2011


OK, so I wrapped up that bracelet from the other day and wanted to give you an update-- I basically went in and re-started the whole thing. 

The knot in the middle there? That's where I decided to forget about it and start all over. Towards the end of the second orange/blue round there's a hole-- that's what happens when you don't knot the strands together in the middle. 

One of the problems I had was that the strings were too loose, so after I did a little more, I taped the second section and it turned out MUCH better, much more consistent!

This is the finished product-- still looks a little like macrame, but overall much better!

Now, I did keep having this issue where the strands didn't come out the same order they went in-- this probably had to do with too much flex in the line, but I liked it so much...
I started forcing the strands out to different places to get a new pattern!

Materials Used: Embroidery Floss
Cost: Very inexpensive!
Time: Pretty time consuming-- it got a little better after I got used to it, but it also helped that I wasn't concerned about the colors staying in a particular pattern.
Conclusion? I'd definitely try this again, but I think it would be helpful to have MORE strands available-- I think that's why it looks more like macrame than the original pinned piece. I'll give it a go and let y'all know!

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