Thursday, October 13, 2011

Failure is an Option

I had a post for yesterday, but it was a present I made and I haven't gifted it yet so on to other things...

I'm posting this up a) because I failed to post something yesterday, therefore crushing my hopes of an every-other-day update and b) because I'm failing MISERABLY at this friendship bracelet thing!!

I saw this pin for a Friendship Bracelet tutorial and since I never learned how to do the chevron style as a kid, I figured now's as good a time as any! Whirly Bird, the blog with the actual craft, linked me over to HonestlyWTF for a tutorial on how to make this oh-so-fashionable bracelet. Now, I'd already failed at an eight strand braid, but surely this would be easier? No doubt mine would come out smooth and sassy like this one, right?


This is currently the state of my chevron friendship bracelet trial run...

Normally, I would give up and throw the rest of this god-awful embroidery floss in the trash-- really, you have no idea the headaches it's given me! I started out wanting to use that orange with grey for a nice, chic look but the grey would NOT come untangled and I've had almost the same problem with the yellow and blue here!

But, I am going to follow my favorite advice, I am going to Keep Calm and Carry On. Updates to come, no doubt, and hopefully I'll perfect the pattern on these fall colors before my special surprise...

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